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From offline to online, marketing has come a long way to cater to the needs of the target audience. Everyone is accessing information and making purchases with a few clicks. Hence, traditional marketing techniques fall short. As a result, content marketing provides 3 times the result per dollar as compared to traditional marketing.

Any kind of content that your brand shares is a virtual sales pitch, that predominantly works towards increasing sales or establishing brand identity. The content that you share with your audience can be the push that your leads need to be converted into a sale. At Brandliter, we make sure that your content drives your revenue and increases your ROI.

Content Marketing Services

Our team of experts is dedicated towards studying the robust content marketing sphere so that your business can benefit from their expertise and drive traffic. We treat content no less than a king and ensure that our content marketing service offers you a complete package of strategy, creation and content distribution.

Content Strategy

We create a comprehensive content strategy for your business. This is done in two phases:


Phase One consists of identifying the relevant market trends based on your top competitors, target audience, demographics, and the product/service. Once we establish how your brand stacks up to the competition at present, we have a strong foundation to develop a promising content strategy.

Action Plan

In the second phase, we formulate an action plan which consists of identifying the top keywords, types of content, and channels to be used and other ways you can make your brand stand out. Equipped with the information from the Audit phase, this strategy works towards achieving your business goals while strengthening the brand position.

Content Creation

Our team of content specialists works on creating custom content based on your content strategy.

Webpage Content

Website content is a critical element of your digital journey with visitors and potential customers. It needs to be crafted carefully so that it can stand the test of time and can be adapted to changes in the market trends. What’s more, the content should be adding value to your visitors, engage with them on the UX level and in accordance with the SEO principles.

Blog Articles

Articles published on the company blog are a great medium to share information with the target audience. As you publish more relevant and correct content, it helps establish your brand as the market leader and makes it easier for the visitors to trust your brand. Having custom content on your website as well as various social platforms keeps the audience informed aiding them in their buying journey.


Being one of the very few downloadable forms of content, e-books offer a bit more value than a blog post or an article. Do you know e-books are best utilized as lead generation tools, primarily being offered in exchange for information? They play an integral part in driving your content marketing strategy to drive more traffic, generate more leads, and boost revenue.

White Paper

Brandliter can deliver white paper documents to meet your corporate or personal needs. We can help you describe your situation or problem and propose a specific solution for you. With a white paper, Brandliter can meet your marketing needs and capture the attention of your users and convince them of your position.

Content Distribution

Having a proper content distribution system is as vital as the strategy itself. While it is important to know what to share, its success relies on its delivery. What, when, where and how is a common proposition for content distribution. This is also where channels like social media platforms and e-mail marketing come into picture. We ensure that your content distribution system works well with the SEO strategy as well as other components of digital marketing (such as email marketing). We also keep an eye on how the content shared is fairing with the audience so that the content calendar and the content itself can be improved with time.

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