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Having the right logo is a big deal – as big a deal as your brand name or your brand reputation! Your logo is your identity and its design influences your business significantly. A powerful logo design invokes trust, credibility and perception of your brand. The purpose of a logo is to fulfil your brand’s identity and be able to tell people about what your brand is all about. Having a simple or a complex design is a combined decision of stakeholders and design experts, but what matters the most is that it should be able to translate the true nature of your brand well.

You may have the best product or business model, but if your branding is not done right, you risk losing many good clients. Why you ask? Your logo goes with every branding material you circulate in the market – be it social media, your website, pamphlets, physical packaging, events or your stores. That’s how you’re interacting with your potential customers and brand loyalists. Your logo will set the way to build your uniqueness from your competition and whether your prospects are going to be a one-time customer or a long-term loyalist.


We, at Brandliter, analyze the nature of your business, its industry, your competition, best practices and many such characteristics before designing a logo. Our expertise lies in our knack for understanding your business and creating an image that will knock out your competition.

Our in-house logo designing experts blend the creative process and analytical thinking that go beyond designing skills and tools. It’s the unique outlook of our logo design experts that makes your brand stand out in the market. We paint your imagination using graphics, aligning the logo design with business objectives.


A lot of research, thought and analysis goes into the designing of a logo. Let’s look at how we go about creating the perfect logo for your business.

Step 1: Analysis of the brief

We believe that one of the first steps to come up with a strong logo design is an in-depth discussion involving a lot of detailed questioning, interactive free flow thinking and gaining an insight into our client’s expectations. A comprehensive brief helps us relate to our client’s vision clearly allowing a smoother passage for the design process.

Step 2: Conducting market research

No field can progress without research backup. Our team extensively researches on your business, target audience, competition, demographics, design trends in your industry and several other design principles that may be incorporated in order to create a logo that speaks for itself. Research is a critical step for us, and we take it seriously.

Step 3: Brainstorming and creating rough drafts

While we are all about doing the ‘work and letting our clients concentrate on their business, we firmly believe that co-creation is the best way to create the most relevant logo design. Therefore, we love having our clients participate in our brainstorming sessions to make sure that we are all directing towards the right design.
Our expert designers start with rough sketches of your ideas which eventually go on to work as an anchor point for your design. Bringing out all designs to paper helps test out what works best. At this stage, we also tend to test various symbols and typefaces for your logo. Having a detailed hand-drawn sketch that includes all the elements of the logo supports digital reproduction significantly and helps make edits down the line.

Step 4: Designing the logo using the sketch

Out of the sketches created, our experts pick the best ones that fulfill your requirement. We enhance these designs and ensure that each variant translates the thought and vision of the client. Our designs are always backed by a strong thought process, research and industry trends.

Step 5: Design enhancement

It is important to note that a perfect design may not always come out on the first attempt, it is an on-going process that may involve iterations. We keep a clear channel of communication with our client so that everyone is aware of the edits and changes being done in the design.

Step 6: Mockups

Well begun is half done! A logo design may look great on screen or on paper, but it may not be as impactful on packaging. This holds extreme importance for the FMCG industry. So, if it’s beauty brand or an ice-cream brand, we create mockups in consultation with the client to see if it looks as great on the bottle or tub.

Step 7: High definition file format

As seasoned professionals in the design industry, we understand that our clients may need to edit the logo design or place them in several marketing collaterals. That’s why we always deliver logos in the highest resolution and compatibility file so that you don’t have to face unnecessary challenges later.


At Brandliter, we can help you get a unique identity of your own. We want your business to stand out from the competition. Our expert logo designers will sit with you to understand your needs and create a logo that conveys the right message for your business, attracts your potential customers and eventually coverts them.

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