Logo Designs

A logo is the face of your brand and so, it’s important for you to have a brand identity that resonates with your customer bases. We, at Brandliter, can help you stand out the competition and strengthen your brand identity.

Curry House

Curry House is an Indian restaurant based in the US. They wanted something innovative and yet relevant that matched their amazing website design and mobile app design. The cool play with chilly in the form of the letter C and the cutlery making a house icon inside was suitable as a complete logo and could be used as a favicon helping the brand establish a unified persona.

Truck Repair Hub

Truck Repair Hub is a premiere online platform, built and designed to connect truck-related businesses with truckers. Their focus is to bring DOT certified medical examiners, reputable mechanics, local repair shops and branded dealerships, boutique hotels, inns, and stores. Since they cater to a diverse portfolio, they needed a versatile logo. The truck icon was a natural choice to add for this locator that provides an array of services for on-the-go drivers’ needs.

Mighty Musicians

Mighty Musicians bring the joy and art of music to young children. And their business logo needed to reflect the love they inspire in younglings for music. Hence the logo has a fun feel to it while being relevant to the business.


All famous logos have one thing in common – they don’t just become the symbols of the brand, but also symbols of certain emotions and qualities. Stagiant wanted a logo design that exudes power and strength that showcase the quality of their product line specifically the TV wall bracket, designed for LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma screen TVs. Our team of experts ensured that Stagiant gets nothing but the best!

RD Media Labs

A logo design must be created keeping in mind the brand, their client base and the brand image they are aspiring to establish in the industry. Named after its founder, RD Media Labs is an IT start-up that came to us for their logo. We created a clean and professional design that represented the range of digital services they provide worldwide.

Pegasus Jumps

Pegasus Jumps provides high-quality specialized products such as Handcrafted Jumpers, Rails & planks, Boxes, Gates, Columns & Wing Standards. Their logo was designed with a Pegasus, a mythical winged divine horse, and jumpers for an innovative and classic look.

Datacoach Logo & Branding

Datacoach was looking for more than a logo, they wanted something to help them promote their brand identity design. Since they are associated with sharing knowledge in the form of coaching and teaching, we created a simple yet effective logo design by keeping the brain as a focal point.

Sense Appeal

The client wanted an immersive experience in their logo that translates into emotions of love, nature, and affection. Since the logo needed to include the brand name as well as the tagline “Back to Basics”, we went for a wordmark logo with a stylish execution.

Solyce Fly Fishing

The Orlando-based fly-fishing brand believes in simple and elegant solutions for fly fishing enthusiasts. They wanted their logo on similar lines and that’s how this design came into being - a no-frills classy logo portraying what the brand is about!

Stinson Capital Management

Stinson Capital Management is all about growing your money and what symbolizes growth better than a tree? We used a tree icon for their company logo and simple fonts that combine all elements into a professional visual.

JF Heating & Air Conditioning

JF Heating & Air Conditioning offers energy-efficient solutions and services for all weather conditions when you are hot or cold and wanted their logo to show the same.

Arrowad Colleges

A KSA based higher education, Arrowad Colleges needed something that would be universal and rudimentary. This logo design was created keeping in mind that it would look good on the college brochures, banners and at the same time be complimenting to their digital media such as the web design they use presently or may use in the future.

Cooking Master Logo design

Sometimes, the challenging tasks end up being the stars of the show. With wordmark logos, it becomes difficult to make them stand apart. We added the visual of a chef and cloche with the two O’s. The result as you see was a stunning logo loved by all!


Looks Sunglasses are leading sunglass exporters and wholesalers. This logo is the perfect example of how the simplest of elements such a line joining the two O’s, in this case, create an icon in the brand name itself.

Lab School

Lab School deals in research and development and wanted their logo to depict the same. They had a clear brief of adding elements of chemistry to the design which resulted in the alphabet “A” being portrayed as a beaker, transporting you straight to a lab.


Idol is a talent recruiting company that brings the spotlight on different talents. We portrayed the same spotlight with the image of an idol on a stage.

Topaz Group of Companies

We catered to the complete design needs for Topaz Group of Companies, a leading name and economic force in West Africa. A company with a multinational presence and satellite offices in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and New York, Topaz wanted something simple and universal for their logo. We went with a diamond to depict their strength as a business.

Santa Claus

Nothing says Christmas like dear old Santa. This seasonal gift shop specializing in Christmas products and gifts wanted their logo to bring the same cheer and joy as the season itself. Hence, we used a cute Santa image for their logo and made sure to add the sack of presents in the logo as well.


Omicron specializes in engineering works and services globally. They needed a clean and modern logo that would become their identity and had the potential for a timeless design. Their final logo design represented their global, innovative, eco-friendly, engineering work.

Alaska Radiators

With the Alaskan winters, radiators and heat are a survival necessity and that means high competition. We used a radiator icon in the logo for Alaska Radiators to keep it relevant so that the audience could connect as well as identify the brand quickly.

Live Up

Live up is a luxury construction company dealing in upscale homes and apartments. In their logo, the up arrow and home portray their line of work making the resultant logo a simple, relevant and yet distinctive design.

Email Datazone

Email Datazone provides email data and information based on various categories and specialties for several countries. There logo needed to be timeless and yet contemporary, something that would look good on computer screens while making sense to be associated with the business. We moulded an envelope, the universal symbol for mail and a briefcase for their logo.

Countries and states

Another one from the list of cool logos is for the data providing business called Countries and States. The logo is an amalgamation of pictorial and monogram style. The globe represents the countries while its stand forms the letter “C”. Inside the globe, the image of roads depicts states and even forms the letter “S”.

HCM Diamonds

HCM diamonds is a custom bridal jewellery boutique. We opted for a diamond as the focal point for the logo design and a sleek elegant font just like their designs.

EquiTeam Eden

The challenging aspect of this logo design was adding the names of two companies and at the same time ensure that both were represented in the logo. The fusion of the names in the design resulted in a pleasing visual with muted tones that complimented the professional look we aimed for in the logo.

Wedding Planner

A wedding is a celebration of two people bonding for life. The logo for the wedding planner features a Persian pink background and an elegant font with the brand name. The chain was created by joining the two D’s signifying the marriage bond.

Natty Pride

Sportswear and goods require something that induces a sporty feeling. This monogram logo for Natty Pride was created keeping in mind the industry and the brand’s client base. In addition to these, the design was such that it could be embroidered, stamped or printed on their merchandise without getting distorted.


This logo is for an amazing photographer and required to be as outstanding as the work associated with the photographer’s name. We fused the initials in a way that it looked like a camera lens while being readable as NG. Another aspect to be considered for this monochrome logo was a design which the photographer could use as a watermark in his productions without overpowering them.


Beauticora is a holistic organic cosmetics brand and its logo needed to show that. The leaves represent the natural element of the brand and green is a universal representation of the environment and its bounty.


As the name suggests, this logo was designed for a DNA research company. This design is a prime example of the clever use of negative space. The bold infinity symbol represents the outer structure of a DNA called the backbone. The left part of the symbol makes the letter “D” while the negative space inside makes the letter “N” while the right half of the infinity symbol forms a lower case “A”.

Bali Decor

Bali Decor is an interior decor and design firm named after the founder. The logo shows the firm’s promise of changing your surroundings with their touch. We added calming and soothing colors to complement the firm’s beliefs. And for the visual, the handprint signified the touch and the font instilled a vivacious touch to the complete visual.


Pincode is a GPS service provider and needed a distinctive logo to show that the same to the audience. The clever play on the execution of “I” shows it as a pin and at the same time, the dot on its top signifies a camera. In order to augment the design, the word “CODE” was designed as symbols instead of the alphabets in English script.

CMR Molecular Imaging

CMR Molecular Imaging approached us with a comprehensive set of graphic design requirements. We created a clean and professional logo for them and also impressed them with the podium designs for their exhibition.

ProMed Solutions

ProMed Solutions needed more than just a logo design. We provided them with an extensive set of designs in line with their brand identity including but not limited to some snazzy postcard designs.

PanelUp Logo

PanelUp provides a unique set of Structural Insulated Products. We wanted the logo to have the name while incorporating the ethos of the brand itself in the design as well. Hence, we built the letter “A” with some panels just as one can built a structure using products from PanelUp.

JLR General Contractor

We created a powerful, credible and vibrant brand identity for JLR General Contractor. They were looking for a design that speaks volumes about being the best in the league in terms of services and customer experience. And we gave them just that they needed!

J11 WestCoast

J11 WestCoast wanted a bright and powerful logo design that had fitness elements in it. We incorporated a kettlebell in the form of J11’s background and used a bench press inside the “O”. These additions formed an integral part of the logo design without stealing the focus from the brand name.


Created for the professional copywriter and direct-marketing expert, Christopher Evans, the logo design was created keeping in mind the client base for Evansword. Hence, we came up with a quintessential design and added the indispensable tool for any writer, the pen. We also added the writer’s initials to give it a graceful visual.


A store that caters to the kids as the audience needs a logo that is vibrant and leaves a long-lasting impression in their young minds. The use of attractive color combination and a font which can be read easily by kids made the logo for Pacmuwka, a store selling kids’ toys, baby products, and clothes, into a huge success.

The Kuwait Daily

An online marketplace, The Kuwait Daily, provides users with a platform to post and respond to classifieds for free. With a diverse audience to cater to, we were entrusted by the company to come up with refined website design and a logo design that was aligned with their brand personality.

Indian Party Wear

An upcoming online store specializing in Indian Party Wear, they needed a unique logo design in addition to our web design services. While we kept the logo design rudimentary with the name of the brand, we added the distinctive element with two dots showing a man and a woman in the valleys of the letter “W”.


This brand is named after the client and we wanted to showcase the name itself. By using a custom font, we created a logo that exudes luxury and innovation, the two main principles of the brand.

Green Planeta

Green Planeta wanted its logo to have the “green” or in other words, the eco-friendly element of the business. The final logo had the brand’s initials as well as the name in the muted green and brown, colors that are often associated with nature.

Bentabay logo & website

Bentabay is a classified website for Filipino Garage Sales. The logo we created consisted of a balanced font and a clever play on the letter “A” which was designed as a house, the prime location for a garage sale!


Kinder is known for their iconic easter eggs, a global favorite amongst children all year round and not just easter. Their icon has stood the test right from its inception in 1968. The secret to its success and longevity remains in its simple execution and color combination.

A logo is a brand’s virtual handshake and needs a special focus to give the brand a much-needed jumpstart. Our design team works on your requirement and helps create stunning logo designs are aligned with your brand identity, values, and marketing strategies.

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